Inilah Daftar Penghasilan Atlet Terkaya di Dunia

Majalah Forbes merilis daftar penghasilan atlet terkaya dari seluruh dunia. Penilaian di ambil selama 1 tahun yaitu dari Juni 2018 – Juni 2019. Penghasilan ini di hitung berdasarkan dari nilai kontrak, nilai kontrak sponsor dan beragam bonus dan beberapa sumber lainnya.

Setelah melakukan penilaian selama satu tahun, hasilnya, Lionel Messi menjadi atlet yang mempunyai penghasilan paling besar dalam 12 tahun terakhir.

Dari daftar 10 besar atlet dengan jumlah penghasilan terbanyak, pemain sepak bola menempati posisi tigak posisi teratas. Cristiano Ronaldo berada di peringkat kedua dan di susul oleh Neymar di peringkat ketiga.

Sebagai atlet paling tajir, Lionel Messi mempunyai penghasilan mencapai 127 juta dolar, sedangkan Ronaldo memiliki penghasilan 109 juta dolar dan Neynar mempunyai 105 juta dolar.

Selain dari cabang sepak bola, ada nama petinju Canelo Alvarez yang mempunyai penghasilan 94 juta dolar.

Berikut adalah 10 besar daftar penghasilan atlet terbesar di dunia versi majalah Forbes untuk periode Juni 2018 sampai Juni 2019.

  • Lionel Messi (sepak bola) – 127 juta dolar
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (sepak bola) – 109 juta dolar
  • Neymar (sepak bola) – 105 juta dolar
  • Canelo Alvarez (tinju) 94 juta dolar
  • Roger Federer (tenis) – 93,4 juta dolar
  • Russell Wilson (futbol) – 89,5 juta dolar
  • Aaron Rodgers (futbol) 89,3 juta dolar
  • LeBron James (basket) – 89 juta dolar
  • Stephen Curry (basket) – 79,8 juta dolar
  • Kevin Durant (basket) – 65,4 juta dola

selain dari berita di atas, orang – orang jaman sekarang juga sering sekali mencari tentang prediksi bola untuk mendapatkan keuntungan.

Jenis – Jenis Slot Online

Judi Slot adalah permainan mesin dengan berbagai tipe yang berbeda-beda. Kita bisa memilih jenis yang slot ingin kita mainkan. Untuk bermain judi slot kita bisa bermain melalui website atau online. Salah satu website yang menyediakan slot adalah dewacasino.

Judi Slot menawarkan sensasi yang berbeda dari permainan gaming online. Dalam permainan judi slot ini bergantung pada keberuntungan anda.

Berikut adalah jenis-jenis slot :

  • Judi Slot Gratis

Judi slot gratis adalah jenis permainan slot yang khusus di buat untuk ujicoba kepada para pemain pemula. Permainan ini sama dengan simulasi slot yang dapat membantu para pemain pemula untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang judi slot.

  • Judi Slot Lima Gulungan

Jenis slot ini menggunakan mesin slot lima gulungan. Permainan ini mempunyai slot tambahan berjumlah tiga bisa mengeluarkan simbol baru.

  • Judi Slot Tradisional

Merupakan jenis slot yang memakai tiga gulungan. Untuk mendapatkan jakpot pemain harus menang di barisan pemenang tunggal.

  • Bonus Judi Slot

Bonus Judi Slot merupakan permainan slot yang menawarkan bonus-bonus yang ada di slot tersebut

Berikut adalah 4 jenis slot yang bisa dimainkan dari website atau secara online

5 Largest Insurance Companies in the World

5 Largest Insurance Companies in the World Insurance is one of the financial products that provides protection for risks that can occur at any time. Now many companies that offer insurance in Indonesia, both from within and outside the country.

Of the largest number of insurance companies in the world, almost all of them have representatives in Indonesia. Because the insurance program is a long-term financial goal, it would be better if you choose insurance services from insurance companies that have clear quality and quality and meet the required criteria.

To make it easier for you to choose the right insurance company, here is information about the 10 largest insurance companies in the world that help in choosing the right insurance.

5 Largest Insurance Companies in the World

1. AXA


Country of Origin: France

Year Established: 1817

Head Office: Paris

Key Figure: Thomas Buberl

Income: € 98.53 billion (2015)

Total Assets: € 887.07 billion (2015)

At present AXA has more than 102 million customers in 56 countries and is included in the list of the largest insurance companies in the world. The main business is around property, life insurance, accident insurance, storage and asset management. In 2013, AXA acquired 51% of insurance company Seguros Colpatria in Colombia. Still in the same year, AXA again managed to acquire 50% of the assets of a Chinese insurance company, Tian Ping.

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2. Zurich Insurance Group

Asuransi Zurich

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Year Established: 1872

Head Office: Zurich

Key figure: Tom de Swaan, Mario Greco

Revenue: US $ 67.245 billion

Total Assets: US $ 382,679 billion

Zurich Insurance Group currently operates in 107 countries with a main focus on services and insurance. The Zurich Insurance Group business focuses on general insurance and insurance for farmers. At present the insurance company has more than 55,000 workers who are ready to serve their customers. Ranging from individuals to small and large scale businesses, even multinational.

3. China Life Insurance

Asuransi China Life

Country of Origin: China

Year Established: 1949

Head Office: Beijing

Key figures: Dairen Lin, Yang Minsheng

Revenue: –

Total Assets: US $ 362.1 billion (2015)

This insurance company underwent a restructuring in 2003 and currently has seven subsidiaries. Its main business is life insurance, asset management, property and investment. Currently China Life Insurance has been listed on the New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges which make this insurance company the largest in the world based on its market.

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Asuransi Berkshire Hathaway

Country of Origin: United States

Year Established: 1839

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Key figure: Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger

Revenue: US $ 223.60 billion (2016)

Total Assets: US $ 620.85 billion (2016)

Initially, Berkshire Hathaway was not as big as it is today. However, thanks to Warren Buffet, this company can turn out to be very advanced as it is now. This insurance company is leading the way in dealing with conglomerate investments as well as sectors, such as transportation, energy and services.


5. Prudential

Asuransi Prudential

Country of Origin: England

Year Established: 1848

Head Office: London

Key figure: Paul Manduca

Income: £ 71,842 billion (2016)

Total assets: –

Prudential currently has a large market in Asian countries, the UK and African countries. Prudential plc is listed on the London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York stock exchanges and has around 24 million customers.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Reviews

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Reviews – Physicians Mutual provides affordable dental insurance with a unique way of issuing payments that involves paying policy holders a set amount for dental services. The insurance options are easy to understand and covers most dental procedures. If you’re looking for simple dental insurance that doesn’t break the bank, Physicians Mutual is an excellent choice. However, it’s important to research the cost of dental procedures in your area before you sign up with this company, to make sure that you don’t end up paying major out of pocket costs every time you visit the dentist.

Image result for physicians mutual dental insurance reviews

Three Insurance Plans

Physicians Mutual keeps dental insurance as simple as possible by offering three coverage options: the economy option, the standard option, and the preferred option, with the economy having the lowest monthly premiums. All the plans are among the most affordable dental insurance plans on the market.

Each plan pays a set amount, listed on the Physicians Mutual website, towards specific dental procedures. The company advertises that it covers over 350 dental procedures, which it breaks down into preventative care services (which policy holders can have right away after signing up), basic services (which start after three months), and major services (which start after a year). Instead of paying the dentist, the company pays the policy holder. If the dentist charges less than the plan pays, the policy holder can keep the difference, but if the dentist charges more than the play pays, the policy holder must cover the difference.

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While premiums are very low with Physicians Mutual, that’s only worthwhile if the plan covers the cost of your dentist. Otherwise, your expenses will soon surpass any money saved on those premiums. Check with your dentist or dentists in your area about what they charge for services before you choose Physicians Mutual. One thing to keep in mind regarding dental charges is that dentists do sometimes offer a discounted rate when patients pay for services up front.

Profesional Services

Physicians Mutual has been around since 1902 and has built an excellent reputation, which is reflected in its customer service representatives. You can expect polite, helpful service when you call in to this company. Physicians Mutual ranks high in customer satisfaction surveys, and doesn’t have many complaints, especially when it comes to its dental insurance. Of the complaints customers do make, many are simply misunderstandings regarding insurance policies, and not mistakes caused by the company itself.

A Simple Yet Effective Website

The Physicians Mutual website certainly isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done, and the dental insurance section is well done. It explains how the dental insurance works and how much each plan option covers in terms of payments. You can get a quote in seconds by entering your age range, state, and the type of coverage you need.

The website also has an accounts section where you can pay your bill and get basic information. One thing missing with Physicians Mutual is a mobile app, although it’s not a major need when it comes to dental insurance.



When it comes to dental insurance, it doesn’t get much easier or less expensive, at least when it comes to premiums, that it does with Physicians Mutual. However, since dental insurance is a type of insurance that you use frequently, it’s important to factor in more than just the cost of your premium. Do your due diligence and determine how Physicians Mutual compares cost-wise to a more traditional dental insurance plan.

American National Insurance Customer Reviews

American National Insurance Customer Reviews – The beginnings of American National Insurance Company, or ANICO, date back to 1905 when the company was founded by William Lewis Moody, Jr. Headquartered in Galveston, TX, ANICO provides a broad line of insurance and financial products through an agent network across 50 states including life insurance, annuities, health insurance, credit insurance, pension products, agribusiness, property, and casualty insurance and certain lines of commercial insurance. The company employs over 3,000 throughout the United States.

According to its SEC report, American National Insurance Company had total assets of over $23 million in 2014. ANPAC, a subsidiary company, has home offices in Springfield, Missouri. Other operations include offices in Glenmont, New York and League City, Texas. American National Family of Companies is a publicly traded company under the NASDAQ symbol ANAT. American National Insurance Company is the parent company of a large network of companies including:

  • American National Property and Casualty Company (ANPAC)
  • American National Life Insurance Company of New York
  • Farm Family Companies
  • Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • Garden State Life Insurance Company
  • American National Life Insurance Company of Texas
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American National Insurance Customer Reviews – Community outreach is an important part of ANICO’s vision. Its philanthropic activities include volunteering and fundraising for many organizations including The United Way of the Ozarks, Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children of the Ozarks and many more.

Image result for American National Insurance Customer Reviews

Financial Stability

A good indication of a company’s ability to meet all financial obligations and its continued growth, success and return on investment is its financial stability. Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, LLC has rated American National Insurance Company with its “A” rating and insurance rating organization, A.M. Best, also gives American National Insurance Company its “A” rating.

Customer Service, Recognitions, and Awards

While financial strength is an important aspect of how a company performs, customer service is also a vital part of a company’s ability to keep its current customers and gain new ones. While American National Insurance Company is not a BBB accredited company, it does have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest rating given. As stated on the BBB website, companies are under no obligation to become accredited.

On the company website, ANPAC states that as reported from its closed claim survey of December 2012, more than 96 percent of its customers who had submitted a claim would recommend ANPAC to a friend. ANPAC received the Missouri Quality Award (MQA) based on organizational performance management and customer service excellence. In 2009, American National was recognized by Forbes Magazine on its “100 Most Trustworthy Companies” list.

Insurance and Financial Products

Through the American National Insurance Company family of companies, insurance consumers in 50 states can purchase these types of insurance policies:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Agribusiness Coverage
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Policy Services

Policyholders have access to register for American National’s client services. Client services give policyholders the ability to print insurance ID cards, make a payment or report a claim online. In addition, from the company’s website, you can find a collision repair center in your area or access the library which contains safety and loss prevention information.

The Bottom Line

American National Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance products as well as having strong financial strength and customer service ratings. The company has some unique product offerings and discounts including classic car insurance and a combined deductible for home and auto if you carry both policies through American National Insurance.

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Contact Information

To learn more about American National’s family of insurance companies and its insurance and financial products, you can visit the American National Family of Companies website. You may visit the “contact us” page to locate the different customer support center telephone numbers. The company headquarters telephone number in Galveston, Texas is (409) 763-4661.

Pet Insurance via Pets at Home

Pet Insurance via Pets at Home Pets at Home does not offer its own policies, but they recommend Petplan pet insurance and you can purchase this directly through their website. This can cover dogs, cats and rabbits. The cover is identical to what you would get if you went directly to Petplanalthough if you get a quote through the Pets at Home website they’ll be a Pets at Home logo on the Petplan quote page.

Read our review of Petplan’s pet insurance via pets at home. Petplan offers a range of policies including lifetime policies under the Covered for Life umbrella. These allow an owner to claim year after year for a condition a pet develops while it is insured. If the owner renews each year the level of vet fees resets.

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Its most comprehensive policy is Ultimate, which comes with up to £12,000 of vet fee cover each year. Learn more about lifetime pet insurance policies here. Or see some of the most common questions about per-condition and time-limited policies with our Pet Insurance FAQs.

Image result for pets at home insurance discount

How much does Petplan pet insurance through Pets at Home cost?

Petplan insurance bought via the Pets at Home website will cost the same as a normal Petplan policy. The price will be influenced by a number of factors such as the breed of your pet, how old it is and where it lives.

Find out the average cost of pet insurance.

Are promotional codes available for Petplan insurance through Pets at Home?

There is a 10% discount for customers who purchase their pet insurance policy online. This is also available on the Petplan website along with a multi-pet discount for those insuring two or more pets (see how this compares to other pet insurers in our multi pet insurance review). You may be eligible for special offers if you join Pets at Home’s VIP club.

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See our list of the current insurance promo codes we’re aware of.

Petplan insurance customer reviews

Petplan’s insurance offered via the Pets at Home website has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on more than 3,000 customer reviews in the past year.

Expert reviews of Petplan insurance

Petplan’s Ulitmate policy is rated 4 out of 5 stars by Fairer Finance experts and its other dog and cat policies are rated 3 or 2 stars. In Spring 2018 Petplan was rated 7th out of 22 pet insurers for customer experience, according to Fairer Finance

How to make a claim on Petplan Insurance

Even if you bought your policy via the Pets at Home website, you’ll need to make your claim with Petplan because that is the company your policy is with.

To make the claim you’ll need fill in a claims form, which can be downloaded from the Petplan or Petplan through Pets at Home website. You’ll need information from your vet about the treatment your pet is receiving. Or you can call Petplan customer services on 0344 209 0786.